How Employee Experience can shape your Bottom Line | Breakfast Seminar

How Employee Experience can shape your Bottom Line | Breakfast Seminar

We share insights from our breakfast seminar, looking at the three environments in detail to see the direct impact on your bottom line results.

COMUNiTI Social Competencies are the new human currency

Social Competencies are the new human currency

With the exponential increase in the power of technology the skills that cannot be replaced by AI or automation is our ability to be human; to show empathy to connect and to care. These soft skills are what will enable us to make a more valuable contribution in the future, as collaboration, empathy and entrepreneurial skills are what make us uniquely human and it is these skills that are less likely be disrupted by artificial intelligence.

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COMUNiTI_How Socialising at work can triple your bottom line

How Socializing at Work Can Triple Your Teams Performance

 I’ve often had converations with key people in Professional services firms that centre around their confusion for the need to have “social” spaces at work, believing that if you’re “socializing” at work then you’re not working. These conversations have also extended to a look of bewilderment as to why their employees would want to establish friendships with their coworkers, and why I would even be suggesting that this should be a factor for their consideration in the design of their new workplace

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COMUNiTI How Employee Experience can shape your bottom line.

How Employee Experience can shape your Bottom Line | Breakfast Seminar

Imagine if everyone LOVED going to work!  Workplace environments are evolving. With…

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