COMUNiTI is Turning 10!

In the coming weeks, COMUNiTI celebrates a significant milestone… we’re turning 10! …

integrated workplace design

The First Step Most Businesses Miss, When Designing The Next Workplace

By looking at the immediate problem first, a business can miss crucial…

Workplace Design Strategy explained

Anyone can design an office, but workplace design strategy is what makes…

Hybrid Working: why Employers need to embrace it

Here’s the thing. Employees don’t really want to return to the office……

Built on Purpose: how values informed Davidson’s award-winning design

It’s no secret that our workplace design for Davidson is one we…

Coworking spaces: creating engagement and community

There is more to coworking than just a nice space. On my…

COMUNITI Davidson Recruitment

Unpopular opinion: there is more to design than aesthetic

There is more to design than modern finishes and expensive fabrics, and…

The COMUNiTI Experience: guest podcast with Cameron Douglas

What is the intention of the workplace? COMUNiTI Founder and Director Melissa…

Four women standing around corporate kitchen

Thriving Workplaces of the Future | Breakfast Event

Join Melissa Marsden and guest speakers Dr Kristy Goodwin & Katrina Walton for breakfast as we look at what our workplaces will need in order to thrive in the future

Who to hire and when?

Creating a new workplace environment can be exciting, but also a pretty daunting time. Here we provide you with a shopping list of the external advisors that you might want to have on your side across your journey.

COMUNiTI Project | Brookfield Spec Suite

Why a clean desk is good for you!

There are plenty of benefits to adopting a clean desk policy, including information security, hygiene and sanitisation and perhaps some less obvious ways that it can enhance your workplace experience!

Reigniting Culture in the Workplace

With the pandemic forcing the adoption of new ways of working, organisations will need to be deliberate about evolving their culture and employee experience.