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Nadia Taylor

“We had our highest financial performance on record in the 6mths after moving into our new office, which we attribute to the way we are able to interact in the space.
We expected to save money by taking less space. What we didn’t expect was the fundamental shift in the mindset of our business & our people, how we now operate and the opportunities that we have been able to embrace as a business. ”

Nadia Taylor

Executive Director | MAPIEN

Maybe a 91% increase in Job satisfaction?

91% increase in Job Satisfaction

What about a 97% increase in enhanced personal relationships?

97% increase in enhanced relationships

Or an 86% increase in productivity?

86% increase in productivity

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Does this sound like your organisation?

Your latest employee engagement survey bombed harder than a certain presidents tweet

Your teams are forming tribal alliances faster than Survivors latest celebrities

Your staff turnover is moving faster than the revolving door at DJ’s in the Boxing Day sales

The world’s most successful organisations pay great attention to the environments they provide their employees. It is the foundational tool used to attract, align, engage and invigorate their people.

There are 3 key environments that deliver employee experience;




When you have a winning Employee Experience you create employee engagement and drive business value to the bottom line.  A WIN/WIN for everyone.

When an organisation delivers in each of the three key environments, an Experiential Environment is created. It is this environment that communicates the Organisations purpose, and we all know how purpose driven business’s outperform. 

When people are engaged at work they;

LOVE coming to work

Collaborate, Communicate & Connect

Attract other quality team members

Take care of your clients

+ BONUS – this all makes your business more productive, which = PROFITABLE.

Keen to know how you can create a winning Employee Experience for your organisation?

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