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Workplace Dynamics Blueprint

The COMUNiTI methodology used to optimise the employee experience is based off the 5 pillars that underpin the workplace dynamics that exist in every organisation.

To ensure our workplaces are ready to face the future we first need to have a strong foundation.  That foundation is based on a deep understanding of who our people are, what they do, how they work, communicate & share knowledge and the tools & resources they need to perform.

That foundation requires to form with deep reflection of our purpose, brand, culture & values.

Through these pillars we reimagine workplaces to inspire human potential


Workplace Dynamics Blueprint COMUNiTI

Strategy & Planning

Every great project needs a clear plan of attack.

This can include diving deep into organisational psychology, design thinking, data capture and research, identifying desired behaviours, master planning and a roadmap for managing change. It’s this strategic phase that lays the foundation for the project to truly achieve transformational results.

In collaboration with our partners we provide:
Big Picture Planning

Big picture planning

Visioning Workshops
Behavioural Analysis
Organisational Psychology
Technology & Futurist Planning

Data Analysis

Data analysis

Research & Data Analysis
Demographic & Generational Studies



Design Guidelines
Style Books

Location Assessment

Location Assessment

Property Advisory
Building Assessments
Leasing & Marketing
Analysis & Support
Feasibility Planning & Analysis

Design & Execution

Through considered design, meticulous documentation, and dedicated management of the details and deadlines, we ensure the finished product achieves exactly what we set out to accomplish, together.

In collaboration with our partners we provide:


Test Fit Planning
Spatial Design
Experiential Design
Conceptual Design



Cost Planning
Program Management
Project Coordination & Delivery
Project Management

Business Outcomes

Maximising the impact of your investment goes beyond the physical spaces we create together. We go to great lengths to deliver real change and positive commercial and cultural outcomes.

In collaboration with our partners we provide:
Spatial Monitoring and Optimisation

Spatial Monitoring & Optimisation

Change Transformation and Leadership

Change Transformation & Leadership

Training and Education

Training & Education

Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Ongoing Advice and Input

Ongoing Advice and Input

Ergonomic Assessment and Implementation

Ergonomic Assessment & Implementation