Returning to the Workplace Resource Kit

Returning to the Workplace Resource Kit As restrictions begin to ease, organisations…

Workplace Dynamics Blueprint | Work From Home EDITION

Throwing out the old “working from home” rulebook and shaking up everything you thought you knew about Working From Home, we have created a program that’s designed to share all the insights you and your teams need to optimise your environment and make Work From Home Work.  

IntactBeyond | Workplace Strategies

Relocation from purpose-built offices to readjusted home environments has been swift and reactive. Kicking of the webinar series, Melissa Marsden, Founder + Director of COMUNiTI discussses how, through smart space management and purpose lead design, the home space can be leveraged to maximise the employee experience and minimise risk in return.

IntactBeyond | The New Era – Physical Environment & Infrastructure Q&A

As part of the IntactBeyond initiative, Melissa joined Peter Moriarty from ITGenius and Nicole Watson from Intact Group in an engaging Q&A session about the New Era – Physical Environment and Infrastructure.

IntactBeyond | Workplace Transformation Series

IntactBeyond | Workplace Transformation Series

IntactBeyond brings together the best of the best; 14 of the brightest minds to turn the tables and help you see whats possible for you in this COVID-19 project. Through a series of Weekly Webinars, Exclusive subject matter deep-dives & Live Q&A Sessions.

STANFORD | The productivity pitfalls of working from home in the age of COVID-19

The global work-from-home movement intended to maintain output and efficiency during the…

PWC | COVID-19: The art of engaging employees during turbulent times

​COVID-19 has thrown up challenges that organisations have never considered. The words…

Mental Wellbeing Support Services

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and our livelihoods, and the wide-ranging personal, social and economic impacts of this pandemic will continue to be felt for many months and years.

HRM | Return to work: how should we restructure the day post-lockdown?

Organisations looking for the “how-to” when it comes to returning employees to the workplace are going to struggle to find anything definitive to what exactly you need to do. Not only because this is an unprecedented situation, but also because each organisation is going to differ. This article, originally published on HRM, looks at two frameworks that organisations might consider adopting as they craft their return to work strategy.

FORBES | Rethink your office design

For decades, remote working and greater flexibility has been topical for organisation…

STEELCASE | Designing the Post-COVID Workplace

Designing the Post-COVID Workplace Our opportunity is to make the office even…


Work From Home Boundaries You Need to Adopt How to avoid distractions…