Meet our Team

Meet our team

Led by Melissa Marsden, COMUNITI brings together a specialist team of industry experts dedicated to the success of every project. Coupled with our robust processes and strong values, you have an amazing resource centre, completely tailored to your project.

Melissa Marsden

Chief creative and our fearless leader she's the brains behind this operation.

Melissa is the creative and strategic core of the business, bringing together likeminded and highly skilled design professionals. Driven by a desire to enable your business to function at its peak, Melissa looks to develop environments that connect and transform your organisation through strategic design initiatives.

With over 20 years experience, Melissa has worked with a broad range of clients in a vast array of industries, gathering knowledge at every opportunity to directly benefit your project.

Melissa has been instrumental in the design and delivery of projects for key corporate clients including Ausenco, Allconex Water, Australian Rugby Union, UTS Sports Campus, Virgin, Carlton United Breweries, Brisbane Airport Corporation and EDMI.

Melissa's personal interest in creating environments that support the strategic visions and goals of organisations whilst rationalizing requirements and balancing this all against operational and capital costs, has seen her develop unique service delivery models that unlock the full potential of an organisations two largest assets - people & property.



Space and the power of community.

We create spaces that respond to our changing lifestyles, and environments that tell meaningful stories and weave a shared sense of purpose.

Here is how we pull it all together

Delivering a considered space that achieves the intended vision is the result of a unique mixture of skillsets that traverse science, psychology and philosophy.

Here’s how we pull it all together.

Bringing your vision to life starts with understanding. Our team balances empathy, intuition and genuine care for your business with comprehensive analysis to understand your brand, values, people goals and desired behaviours.

Once we have a shared view of the outcome we’re aiming for, we draw on our varied toolkit to develop a strategic plan of attack. From there we kick into delivery mode; working our butts off to bring this vision into existence.

Along the way there may be some bumps in the road, but our resilience, adaptability and honest approach will ensure we handle the hiccups with minimal interruption.

By combining our skillset, approach and drive to bring people together, we deliver long-term outcomes to our clients-ensuring we give them wins to celebrate long after we cut the ribbon on a project.

From studying people, cultures, spaces and experiences all over the world, we have come to understand the power of a community mindset.

A thriving community does not dictate rules, it creates shared values that people want to embody. It fosters a common vision and a future all members strive for. It empowers anyone to create ideas for how to get there. It creates an environment of support and pride, where people feel respected and valued.

We see the spaces we inhabit as opportunities waiting to be unlocked, and we want to help our partners maximise this potential by building their own communities that harness the power of a shared vision and true sense of connection.

Our team embraces empathy for our clients and those who will inhabit their spaces to increase engagement, improve happiness and wellbeing and influence positive behaviour. These outcomes result in a genuine feeling of togetherness, long-term value and ultimately create:

A community people want to be part of.

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