Is a sedentary workplace killing us?

Is a sedentary workplace killing us?

Is a sedentary workplace killing us?

Journalist Angela Fedele, speaks to Director, Melissa Marsden on the future of workplace design;

“If we can make small and relatively incidental changes to our workplace health, we are not only contributing to our personal health improvement but to the health of our organisations. By having healthier and ultimately more productive employees we are creating more sustainable workforces.” – Melissa Marsden

To sit or to stand – that is the question

There is growing evidence that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic – and even deadly – health conditions. Much of the time people spend sitting occurs in the workplace, bringing with it a cluster of health and productivity concerns.

In a bid to get people on their feet, workplaces are responding with new sit/stand strategies, such as adjustable sit/stand desks, which encourage employees to vary their working position throughout the day. For the multi-taskers, a treadmill or cycle desk allows them to exercise while they work.

You can read the whole article on Sourceable.net.

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