Starstruck – A Candid Conversation About Careers, Sacrifice, and Life Choices

Starstruck – A Candid Conversation About Careers, Sacrifice, and Life Choices

“I’m going to the hills of Mullumbimby to live off-grid with chickens and my art studio!” 

This is my go-to threat that I shout at the universe when things get tough. 

It’s a half-joking, half-serious kind of release that usually signals I’m in the weeds and need to take a step back, a deep breath, [maybe pour a glass of wine] and look at my career and business with a more elevated perspective.

It’s the field mouse versus the eagle analogy that Samantha Wills and I talked about in Episode 56 of the Work Life by Design Podcast.

If you’re not familiar with Samantha Wills, she’s a creative entrepreneur from Bondi whose self-titled jewellery quickly earned world attention after being worn by the likes of Taylor Swift and Eva Mendes and appearing in the Sex and the City 2 movie. Now based in New York, Samantha went on to build and then sell her hugely successful business, and she shares this journey in her book: of Gold and Dust.

Needless to say, when Samantha accepted an invite to talk about her experience on my Podcast, I was starstruck! We went on to have such a candid conversation about falling out of love with your business or your career, and the strategies that we have both used to reignite the flame, or start a completely new fire altogether!

Spoiler alert: Samantha and I agreed that it comes down to surrendering to our inner voice and connecting back to values. And our inner voice will be a whisper — it’s not screaming at us — we have to listen for our intuition and inner knowing. Hearing it is one thing, but trusting it is another.

My Podcast has continued to challenge me and shape my thinking. It’s given me access to incredible leaders and I have grown from those interactions in a way that I would not otherwise have been able to. With almost 120 episodes recorded, I want to use this post to celebrate those like Samantha, who have accepted my invitation and generously offered up their opinions and insights about the human experience, at work and in life.

If your creative flame is dimming, or you’ve fallen out of love with your business or career, you can access my Live a Life By Design Experience and let the frameworks and activities help lead you back to your inner voice and beautiful chemistry of values, that are uniquely you.

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