Wellness Hub| Reimagining the future of work

Reimagining the future of work

Wellness Hub| Reimagining the future of work

Presented by Katrina Walton, Founder/Director, Wellness Designs and Melissa Marsden, Chief Creative, COMUNiTI. As a Workplace Dynamics Strategist, Melissa works with organisations to create physical environments that drive high performance teams.

Organisations are starting to navigate transitioning employees back to the workplace and reimagining their future workplaces. This includes reviewing everything from the infusion of purpose, brand and culture through to how our environments support our individual experience along with our mental, physical & emotional wellbeing.

Melissa shares with us some quick hacks to reimagine our workplaces in the short term and provide us with a framework to begin to plan for the future of work.

You can watch the video above in its entirety, or use the timestamps (blue and white dots marked in the playbar) to jump ahead to questions of interest:

      1. Emerging from COVID-19 – what do companies need & want? (7.11mins)
      2. Employers grappling with compliance (9.58mins)
      3. Rethinking communal spaces (11.47mins)
      4. Shift to more outcomes focus for how & where we work (12.41mins)
      5. Economic impacts of flexible working in CBD (15.15mins)
      6. Future of workplace design (17.04mins)
      7. Evolving models including Hub and Spoke (20.42mins)
      8. Consulting with staff (22.08mins)
      9. Workplace design with health & wellness in mind (23.50mins)
      10. Smart technology & contactless operation (28.28mins)
      11. Fika spaces concept (31.53mins)
      12. The future and shift to multicultural spaces (33.24mins)
      13. Outdoor work spaces (39.59mins)
      14. Work environment tips for returning to the workplace (42.05mins)

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