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COMUNiTI Returning to the Workplace resource Kit

Supporting your business as you return to the workplace

If you'd like some tools to support you and your team, you can download our Resource Kit to help transition your employees back to the workplace feeling safe and supported.

We’ve pulled together six resources to support you as you begin to reopen your offices. A combination of practical tips, actionable tools and thought-provoking considerations, these resources will help you to understand how to return your employees in a safe and supportive manner, and as importantly, reimagine the experience in the new era of the workplace.

Work Life By Design Podcast_Melissa Marsden

Work Life By Design

Work Life by Design is a podcast that will inspire you with stories of transformation, explore everything from organisational psychology to brand and identify opportunities that exist in your workplace environment to inspire human potential.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive leader or passionate about people and their experience of work, this podcast will give you a dose of inspiration on how you can shake up your 9 to 5.

Melissa Marsden | Workplace Strategist Workplace Dynamics Blueprint

Workplace Dynamics Blueprint | Work From Home EDITION

If you're interested in learning more practical ways to optimise your Work From Home experience you can complete the program here!