Your business is Growing… Now what? Part 1 | People

Your business is growing... now what? Part 1 | People

Your business is Growing… Now what? Part 1 | People

You’re busting at the seams, and you need to look for a new office space to house your growing business. As you’ve grown, you may have found your business model has evolved and your strategy is more focused.   The location you’ve been calling home just doesn’t fulfill all the needs of your vision, you not only need to move offices, you need a change of scenery.

This is a huge opportunity for your business, one that has the potential to catapult your business forward, with the right move. You need a plan that takes the guesswork out of this critical decision. To understand all the factors specific to your business and your vision.

Taking a broader approach will enable you to identify space inefficiencies, opportunities for productivity improvements, increased collaboration and communication, enhance employee engagement and ultimately a positive financial impact to the company’s bottom line.

The strategies in our Three Part Series will give you the insight you need to manage this process like a pro and launch your business forward.


Developing a clear vision of your business is the first critical step in preparing your business for a new office environment, and this means looking at it from the inside out. Engaging with your staff will enable you to understand how they work, what tools they need to do their work productively and efficiently, and whom they work with both internally and externally.

Each of these factors is critical to maximizing the functionality of your work environment to provide your employees with a space that supports them in getting their job done.

Understanding these elements will create the data you need to develop your criteria around what your new workplace looks like:

  • how much space each person needs
  • what types of space your employees need to perform at their best i.e collaborative spaces with lots of white boards for brainstorming, quiet private booths to concentrate, social spaces to bring the teams together
  • which departments work together and how big does the floor area need to be to ensure this happens
  • staff demographics and generational needs, now and into the future
  • future growth projections and sustainability

The consolidation of all this information creates a vision of how your space needs to perform to support your people to do their job. It also identifies the technical requirements of your brief; the amount of space you need, across how many floors and the minimum floor plate size.


Stayed tuned for the next part in our series, as we look at the role Brand plays in your business growth vision.


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