Your Business is Growing…Now What? Part 2 | Brand

Your business is growing... now what? Part 2 | Brand

Your Business is Growing…Now What? Part 2 | Brand

So we now understand how much space we need and how many people we’re accommodating, but creating a new office is not simply seeing how many little boxes we can fit into the bigger box.

This space is an opportunity for you to bring your brand to life by permeating it through every physical element; from the flow of the space, to the colours and materials used, through to the connections people make and how the space makes this happen.

Understanding the physical translation of your brand, culture, vision and values is critical to developing a space that speaks to your story. Identifying your business’s unique personality ensures that your space talks to that personality in every element. Are you masculine or feminine, pink or green, hard or soft, corporate or relaxed, timber or metal… you get the drift.

The space you occupy is your greatest opportunity to ensure that every client, visitor and employee is immersed in what its like to be part of your business and have the most complete experience of being in business with you. You can simply tell your story by how you make people feel in your space.

If your cultural focus is on client partnerships, fun & integration then your office may take a more relaxed approach. Creating a communal cafe in the reception seamlessly blends between client and employee space removing barriers, and demonstrating your culture of unity.

Perhaps you’re in the business of technology and security, creating secure client areas with the latest state of the art technology, along with hard materials that invoke a feeling of strength, visually communicates to your client what you consider to be important.

Brand and culture go deeper than sticking a logo on a wall to tell people who you are, it underpins every element of your space.

The final part of our series looks at Location and the defining factors that frame where you should be looking for your next office space.


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