Breakfast Seminar | Creating Connected Communities

Breakfast Seminar - Creating Connected Communities

Breakfast Seminar | Creating Connected Communities


“With the complexities of new technology, flexible working, outsourcing and generational change to name a few, workplaces are changing… what strategies can we implement to support the change from a variety of angles ensuring we remain connected to ourselves, our peers, and our organisation?”

Join our panel of executives with a light breakfast to hear their insights on how we can best support these changes from the perspectives of health & wellbeing, environmental design, personal leadership and the creation of larger social structures in our work environment.

Nadia Taylor | Livingstones

Humans perform most effectively when they are part of a social system that is larger than ourselves.  Our Community is the glue that binds us together for the greater good.  It means caring and being inspired about our work, our colleagues and our place in the world. The connections that are fostered through collaboration and trust create an environment where people feel engaged and connected to the projects, strategic direction and core values of the organisation.

  • Understanding the social systems that form our communities
  • The psychology of trust
  • How to foster a culture of collaboration in your workplace

Katrina Walton | Wellness Designs

Fostering a wellness culture is the key to not only employees adopting and maintaining healthy behaviours, but in a changing world of work, creating an environment in which both your employees and organisation will flourish. As renowned entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson states: “Take care of your employees, & they’ll take care of your business.”

  • the 5 primary elements for building a wellness culture
  • how to leverage leaders as change agents
  • how to shift your organisation towards a positive wellness culture

Belinda Brosnan | HR Junction

Leading and influencing sustainable change thorough personal leadership. Tune-in to your own personal leadership so you can navigate change effectively and move from auto-pilot to abundant.

  • Mindset Matters
  • Assess, Align and take action
  • Move from auto-pilot to abundant

Melissa Marsden | Marsden Collective

Maximising the impact of your environment on your employees is a critical part of their engagement and productivity.  Aligning these visual cues with the Corporate Strategy enables organisations to influence the behaviours that can drive change and enhance connections, not only between peers but also between employees and the organisation.

  • Enhancing collaboration, connection and corporate alignment through environmental design
  • The relationship between spatial “tools” and behaviour
  • The connection between visual cues and corporate strategy



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