How can we uplift our existing space?

How can we uplift our existing space?

Tight on budget but need to improve workplace amenity?

When I talk about the work COMUNiTI does, I’m often met with this remark: “…but we don’t have a million dollars to redesign our space!” 

We get it. Without the commercial support of a new lease commitment, finding the budget to make significant improvements to existing spaces can feel almost impossible.


If you’re tight on budget but need to make workplace changes, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Look for the low-hanging fruit

  • Never underestimate the power of a good de-clutter and clean! Are out-of-date emails hanging on your noticeboards? Not sure what’s being stored in the compactus? Curious as to why boxes of Christmas decorations are still in the hallway? You’d be amazed at how much space you’ll feel like you’ve gained after cleaning out filing cabinets and storage cupboards and de-cluttering desks, noticeboards and corridors. Try gamifying the office clean-up activity to get employees involved.

  • Feel like a Meerkat when you poke your head over a high partition? Consider removing bulky partitions, installing smaller and more contemporary desk dividers if possible, or perhaps removing a few of the panels. Removing and lowering partitions can instantly open up spaces, which lets more light flow across the floor and creates better connections between teams.

  • Can you designate an area of your office for quiet, concentrative work? Noise and interruptions are big issues for many employees — it’s one of the main reasons they prefer to work from home. Try creating a zone that’s away from noisy areas where employees can dig into some focused work. Don’t forget to communicate about the etiquette for this space (ie: no phone calls or conversions), so that it functions as intended. Shhhhhhhh.

  • Do you have a space for people to eat, away from their desks? Carve out a comfortable and inviting shared space that’s set up for relaxation, conversation, and taking time out for lunch. It’s not just good for wellbeing, it’s also great for breaking down silos.

  • Not all tasks need to be completed at a desk. Does your workplace offer alternative work areas like a cafe, a lounge, a library or a collaboration zone? When alternative spaces are made available employees will move into different areas for different activities throughout their day. This can free up traditional fixed desk space as employees choose to work across alternative spaces.

Add some zing

Does your workplace feel a little lacklustre?  When you create an environment that is inviting and inspiring, people will be drawn to use it, without the need for a return-to-the-office mandate! 

  • Adding greenery not only makes spaces look nice, but it’s also good for mental health. As humans, we are not designed to be surrounded by concrete all day, so adding plants to your workspace can be a low-cost, high-impact improvement.

  • Could your workspace do with a little colour? Take inspiration from your brand, values, and employee value proposition. How do you want people to feel when they’re at work? Adding colour to your space not only brings it to life, it also connects it to the unique personality and story of your organisation.

  • If your office is dark with limited natural light, consider ways to make access to natural light and outdoor views more equitable (yes, we’re pointing to those who have corner offices with large windows but closed doors). Consider turning traditional offices into team breakout spaces or removing walls so that everyone enjoys the health and productivity benefits that come from having access to natural light.

  • Provide spaces that are fit for purpose. Remove some workstations to make room for collaboration areas where teams can come together to brainstorm and ideate without being obstructed by fixed desks, partitions, or boardroom tables. Beyond being functional, collaboration spaces usually have high tables and chairs, as well as whiteboards or interactive screens, which also injects vibrancy and energy into otherwise dull and uniform workspaces.


These are just some of the easy wins you can achieve with limited capital investment. Like all good plans, an accommodation uplift needs to start with a solid strategy — don’t forget to consider your organisation’s long-term plans so that you can invest your limited funds wisely. 

If you need strategic guidance to uplift your existing office space, get in touch!



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