Bennett & Bennett

A flexible, adaptive, and modern space, drawing their teams together, inspired by the geographic nature of their core business, surveying.

Consolidating their Brisbane operation into the new tenancy in Milton was an opportunity for Bennett and Bennett to reunite their various teams, that had been previously dispersed through a series of pockets in their previous tenancy, due to continued expansion.

With high growth projections on the horizon and having purchased the new tenancy upon COMUNiTI’s engagement, the first task was to gain a deeper understanding of the growth horizons and how the business functioned and the teams within it.  This data informed a series of scenario models that presented Bennett & Bennett with data-led options on how to maximise the occupancy of the space now and with a view to the future.

The result is a welcoming arrival into the café where the team are engaging in casual conversation over a coffee and a meal, inviting in clients to join them.  Two large meeting rooms sit adjacent, patterned with survey maps of Brisbane’s streetscapes.  This space is intentionally devoid of hierarchy, ensuring maximum inclusivity for all.

A series of collaborative spaces support the transition into the work area, relieving the lively banter of the café through the use of softer materials and acoustic treatments.

With a clear vision through the office space, this level of transparency speaks to the culture of Bennett and Bennett, of openness and togetherness.  With windows only available to the front and rear of the tenancy, maintaining the openness in order to maximise natural light penetration was critical to enhancing the space.  Quiet rooms and other utility spaces are clustered to the internal walls enabling uninterrupted views to the outside world across the floor.

The colour pallet and materiality strongly references the organisations brand aesthetic and utilises the heavily patterned carpet, to create impact in a small space and introduce intuitive wayfinding as you move through.

A small 350sqm tenancy, completed on a tight budget, this project is a testament to what is possible with a trusting client and design creativity.