Creating the space for Davidson was a special opportunity. In their 30 year history, this was the first space that they had created for themselves and wanted to optimise their opportunity to build a workplace that embodied everything about who Davidson are and what they stand for.

An organisation dedicated to enhancing workplace performance and changing lives, Davidson support a range of social commitments to execute on their purpose. From their long standing friendship with the Yalari mob, their stand against domestic violence and a strong focus on diversity & inclusion, coupled with long standing values and the ability to help every person, team and organisation to optimise their potential. Davidson sought to have these woven into the very fabric of the workplace.

Embracing the curved nature of the floor plate and offset core, the workspace enables an uninterrupted view, connecting the entire business without barriers. This connectivity enables natural osmosis to occur, engaging the skill and knowledge of the team, learning from one another.

Supported by a variety of team collaboration space styles, quiet booths, lounging areas and phone booths, employees are encouraged to optimize their work performance by engaging with the right space for the task, offering enhanced flexibility.

The materiality embraces the essence of Davidson; honest, authentic & trusted, executed through the sealed concrete, exposed services and signature “D” shape, partnered with their signature navy blue and splash of orange.