A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

I’m going to level with you. I feel a little torn about this post.. 

It’s no secret that COMUNiTI could not do what we do for our clients without THE BEST industry suppliers and partners. From builders to organisational psychologists, engineers, architects, and technical advisors, to certifiers and furniture & material suppliers.

This is my concern: There are a lot of talented teams that work behind the scenes to bring COMUNiTI’s workplace strategies to life. My list is long. In fact, it’s a whole other blog. So today, as part of COMUNiTI’s 10 year celebration series, I want to say a huge thank you to all of our suppliers and partners, but in this post, I can showcase just a few.

I think one of the more challenging aspects of COMUNiTI’s 10 year journey has been building awareness about what workplace strategy is, compared to traditional commercial interior design [you know, the old ‘how to fit lots of little squares inside one big square’ approach]. Workplace strategy is innovative and it does take a mindset shift to create workplaces that shape people in space — behaviour, culture, wellness, and brand experience. But workplace strategy does deliver value that stretches beyond a return on real estate.

Thankfully, I have clients who share this vision and an ecosystem of suppliers and partners who bring different skills to the table to make it a reality.

To our consultant teams who support us with services & structural engineering, project management and compliance — thank you. You make our workplaces healthy and safe, and our hair-brained ideas possible. In particular, Acuity, for jumping in to support me through a peak period and a baby. Tim, Aaron, and Luke were there to lend a supportive and steady hand to see the successful delivery of two of my work babies, while I cared for my human baby!

To our construction teams — you embrace our out-of-the-box building requests with a shared sense of imagination and a bucket-load of patience! Thank you. In particular, Focus Construct. Mark [who has now retired] has been a constant support for close to 20 years and together with his talented team we have partnered on some incredible projects that I am so proud to have in our portfolio.

To our product and furniture teams who deliver time and time again with technical information and colour and design customisations, and usually at the drop of a hat — thank you. Everyone from our carpet suppliers through to furniture and workstations, you all play a huge part in seeing our visions become reality. In particular, Stylecraft. From my earliest days, I feel like my career has grown alongside this business. They have some enviable furniture and it always makes a statement for our projects. Nat, Anthony, and the team have been big cheerleaders in supporting COMUNiTI events, sharing their showrooms and even showcasing my book!

And to our specialist wellness and organisational psychology consultants — thank you for your generosity of knowledge. I am enamoured with all things human potential and behavioural science, and the perspective you bring to our projects helps take the concept of ‘work’ to new levels. In particular, Carousel Consulting. Meg has become the right hand that I have been looking for and together we are transforming workplaces from the inside out, and creating lasting impressions to lead organisations into the future.

COMUNiTI has long-term relationships with these teams and so many more. I value all of these relationships, appreciate the hustle, enjoy the process, and want to say thanks for being a part of the workplace strategy evolution with us.

You can read more about the types of teams that get involved in creating dynamic workplaces, here.

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