How to create an Active Workplace

How to create an active workplace

How to create an Active Workplace

Have you ever wondered what sitting all day at work is doing to your body?

Journalist Angela Fedele speaks to Director Melissa Marsden about creating an Active Workplace…

Two workplace experts offer research and tips that prioritise employee health and productivity via active design.

Melissa Marsden, director of design firm Marsden Collective has found that her clients are taking the path of installing sit-stand workstations for three primary reasons:

1. Improved employee health
2. Future-proofing their workplace against coming workplace trends borne out of the increased amount of research supporting the benefits of incidental exercise in the workplace
3. Capturing the benefits of increased productivity off the back of their employees being healthier

In terms of sit-stand furniture, there is a range of “active” solutions on the market, such as adjustable desks and meeting tables, treadmill workstations and cycling desks, driven by an increased interest in employee health, Marsden said.

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