Pop the Champagne! And Let Me Introduce You to Entain!

Pop the Champagne! And Let Me Introduce You to Entain!

To celebrate COMUNiTI’s 10 year anniversary, we’re releasing a series to showcase the amazing community of people who have been part of our journey. 

And of course, who better to kick-start the celebrations than one of my favourite clients — Entain.

If you’ve ever had a cheeky flutter on the horses, a punt on the ponies, or placed a bet on your favourite sporting team, odds are, you’ve done business with Entain — the home of Ladbrokes and Neds. They’re the smart and talented team shaping the future of digital entertainment by creating the next generation of betting products.

Together we delivered a workplace strategy that addressed Entain’s immediate space and growth challenges. After a series of business mergers Entain acquired adjacent tenancies to provide space for their growing team. But this had also created mismatched and segregated areas, with outdated work points, limited collaboration space and poor layout planning.

With space and growth solutions sorted, Jess and I didn’t stop there. We respectfully challenged the status quo to elevate the brand experience for the team.


In a post-pandemic world people were not coming into the Entain office to ‘do work’ in the traditional sense, but to collaborate and feel connected to the company they work for, so we designed radically different spaces to support this.

With the space, growth, and brand experience covered, Jess and I didn’t stop there, either. Jess was spearheading an innovative new work concept called ‘Entain Day’. Concerned about the reality of burnout at organisations everywhere, Jess was front-footing Entain’s approach to employee wellbeing.

On Entain Day, it’s compulsory that no one works. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a day to learn, recover, recharge, and be creative — to undertake active rest so that you can perform at your best. And at Entain on Wednesdays, there are no meetings. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It’s a collectively-respected day for deep cognitive work. So, we needed to make sure the redesigned space would truly enable this and turn the new ‘policy’ into real work practices.

You can read more about the Entain project and the impact it’s had in my book, listen to Jess and I unpack their approach to employee wellbeing on Episode 70 of my podcast, or tune into the book launch Panel discussion that Jess joined us on.

What I wanted to showcase today was not just the potential for workplaces when you think about their function beyond space and work points, but the courageous few, like Jess, who push for better and help their executive teams think beyond boundaries and tradition. 

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