The COMUNiTI Experience: guest podcast with Cameron Douglas

The COMUNiTI Experience: guest podcast with Cameron Douglas

What is the intention of the workplace?

COMUNiTI Founder and Director Melissa Marsden joins Cameron Douglas, Director of Videopro on his podcast to discuss the COMUNiTI journey, workplace design and the impact of working from home vs the office.

“Physical spaces inspire different headspaces”

As someone who appreciates the value of good workplace design, Cameron chats to Mel about her journey into commercial design, as well as how people-centric design can affect workplace outcomes. They touch on the the COMUNiTI process start to finish as well as how working from home has changed cultural dynamics and incidental collaboration. Is this something that can be solved remotely?



Working from home?

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Work Life By Design Podcast_Melissa Marsden

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About Cameron Douglas

Cameron Douglas is a Technology and Workplace stragest, Director of Videopro and host of the Videopro Podcast.

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