How Employee Experience can shape your Bottom Line | Breakfast Seminar

COMUNiTI How Employee Experience can shape your bottom line.

How Employee Experience can shape your Bottom Line | Breakfast Seminar

Imagine if everyone LOVED going to work! 

Workplace environments are evolving. With the complexities of new technology, flexible working, the freelance economy and generational change, the needs and challenges of individuals are all different. But what if we were able to create an environment where everyone wanted to come to work rather than needed to. An environment that inspires human potential, and the bonus, our business’s bottom line thrived as a result?

Join us for breakfast as we look at the three environments in more detail with our expert panel giving you the insights and the data from case studies to transform your organization and see the direct impact on your bottom line results. The three environments that create every employee experience;


As leaders, we intuitively understand that a thriving workplace culture is the bedrock upon which sustainable high performance is built. To impact culture, as leaders we must focus on building thriving human systems. This goes beyond leadership skillset and behaviours, into mindset and extending the leadership lens to build a deep appreciation of the needs of the human system.

• PHYSICAL | Melissa Marsden, COMUNiTI

A physical workspace is the environment that we can see, touch, taste and smell. The space we inhabit has the power to influence the way we communicate, interact and engage with our colleagues. It has the power to guide our behaviours and the manner in which we work and to affiliate us with the brand, the culture and the purpose of organisations.  All of these are factors that contribute to how we feel in a space and in turn our ability to perform.


In today’s mobility driven society our employees need access to information ‘on the go’, from anywhere in the world but this can lead to distributed workplaces and remote workers who feel left out and not part of the team. One way that businesses can make that difference is how they leverage technology in terms of the innovation but also the level of employee engagement that it generates.

Organisations are beginning to enable multiple ways of working through spaces that cater to a diverse set of employees needs and expectations. As our work life integration increases we will bring our work lives home and our personal lives to work, organisations will need to ask themselves, “do we have a space that people want to bring their lives to?”


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