Thriving Workplaces of the Future | Breakfast Event

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Thriving Workplaces of the Future | Breakfast Event

Prepare your workplace to thrive
in the future of work

Our workplaces have changed forever. With the rapid adoption of flexible working and our people choosing to incorporate working remotely into their weekly routine, how do we ensure engagement, collaboration and connection doesn’t suffer?

There is a way to ensure your office not only survives the rapid pace of pandemic-driven change, but thrives and makes your employees feel supported and connected.

At this event Melissa Marsden was joined by guest speakers Dr Kristy Goodwin & Katrina Walton to look at what our workplaces will need in order to thrive in the future

Dr Kristy Goodwin | Digital Wellbeing Author & Speaker
Flourishing Remotely
Neuro-Productivity Tactics to Optimise Your Workday

Advances in neuroscience and psychology have enabled us to know more about the brain and how we can all achieve peak performance.  However we need to map this knowledge to our workdays, especially in a digital context with distributed teams.

Dr Kristy Goodwin shared research-based yet realistic strategies to empower attendees to optimise their wellbeing and productivity, while working remotely or in a hybrid model.


Melissa Marsden | COMUNiTI
Workplace Dynamics For the Future of Work

Our 9 to 5 has been disrupted and we are now looking to reimagine what the future holds for our physical workplaces.  However to truely understand how our workplaces need to evolve, we first need to understand the dynamics of our people; who they are, their roles, their relationships and the various factors that shape their interactions.

Melissa Marsden discussed how taking a human centred approach, can optimise employee experience & performance in a remote and hybrid work environment.


Katrina Walton | Wellness Designs
Wellbeing at Work: where to from here?

As we mark the first anniversary of WHO declaring the pandemic, faced with a ‘COVID hangover’, employee wellbeing continues to be one of the undisputed challenges for employers.  So, what did 2020 teach us and how will this influence how we approach wellbeing at work in 2021 and beyond?

Katrina Walton revealed the 7 biggest trends to guide your workforce wellbeing strategy in 2021 and beyond.


This event provided guests with ways to answer the question ‘how can I ensure my workforce can thrive, regardless of their ways of working”.

Event Location: Davidson  |  Level 12, 240 Queen St, Brisbane

Davidson is a COMUNiTI designed and delivered project, you can check out the space HERE

“What better way to start my workday than listening to three really engaging workplace experts discuss the impact of intuitive workplace design, positive culture and smart technology on employee experience. Melissa and her fellow speakers demonstrated with knowledge and passion the relative influence of the three key factors to a successful workplace strategy. Breakfast was great too!”

Alex F. | Workplace Strategy & Change 


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